CO-OP Member Driven Club

Some of us are boat owners and have been sailing for years, others are just beginning their voyage. Our love for sailing brought us together to the Utah Lake Yacht Club (ULYC). Our member driven, co-op organization allows us to pool our resources to teach, own, and maintain our fleet of sailboats. We want to share our love for sailing with others and encourage anyone interested in sailing to join us.


Learn from one another

We work together to pass our knowledge to one another. From tying knots and trimming sails to fiberglass and sewing. We enjoy helping everyone develop a love for sailing.

We've got lots of boats

Our boats are for the exclusive use of our members. We don't rent or charter. Members go through a certification process so they can captain boats at their leisure.

Members take care of our boats

Maintaining a fleet of 12 boats keeps us very busy. Each boat has a sponsor responsible to oversee scheduling and maintenance. In return sponsors enjoy priority use of the boat.


We Want Everyone to Sail

We strive to provide an inclusive environment for everyone. We would like everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy sailing by the power of the wind. Whether you're a working professional with a family, or one of the over 60,000 college students in the area, our goal is to help you test the waters and see if this is a sport you'd enjoy.


Member Benefits

Help us develop the sailing community

Members get the exclusive use of club boats. They also get voting rights in the club. As a member your input is valuable to the improvement and future of sailing in Utah. 

Access to our Members Only Facebook Group. We use our members only Facebook Group to coordinate our sailing events. We use it to organize last minute event and help captains find crew for their outings.

Pay Dues

Annual Membership